The Homebuyer's Plan
Who is the Homebuyer's Plan for? 

This plan is aimed for first-time buyers in England.
Do you one day dream of owning your own home?
Buying a home is hard. We aim to make it easier, quicker, and less stressful. 
There are LOADS of first-time buyer guides out there. In fact - I've read quite a few of them myself! 
The problem? They aren't about YOU. 
Apparently, every first-time buyer is exactly the same. The same mortgage, the same deposit, the same scheme, the same location. Well...they're not. 
You're unique. We believe your homebuying journey should be unique too. 
That's why we developed the Homebuyer's Plan, because it's all about you. 
How does it work?
It begins with taking basic details about your current situation such as income, outgoings, credit history and your future goals.We will then provide a personalised 3 part plan to help with your homebuying journey. The best bit? It's reviewed by a qualified mortgage broker before you receive it.Here's how we break it down: 
Getting Started
The getting started guide provides huge amounts of information needed to build your home-buying knowledge. 
	What is a mortgage?
	What size deposit do you need?
	What is the homebuying process?
	What schemes are available to first-time buyers and how do they work?
	What is the best way to save a deposit?

Credit Report Review
After providing information about your credit report. We'll look at a breakdown of how to improve your credit score prior to buying.
	How do I understand my credit report? 
	What is a credit score?
	What score do I need for a mortgage?
	How can I improve my credit score?

The Plan
The main event! 
After reviewing your details, a qualified mortgage broker will provide a personalised plan to get you in great shape for your future purchase. 
	How long will it take for me to buy?
	What can I cut back on to help with my saving?
	How much can I borrow?
	What are the house prices like in my area?
	How do lenders work out how much I can borrow?

You'll also receive the following:
- A downloadable copy of the homebuyer’s journal
- £100 off your mortgage broker fee (when using our recommending mortgage broker).

The Homebuyer's Plan